Dota Underlords — TOP 3 tactics to win

Dota Underlords - HOW TO WIN?At the moment, one of the strongest in the game is the build through 6 magicians. It is characterized by extreme simplicity in the choice of heroes, a huge amount of damage and the widest variety of improvement options available to other players, thanks to which you can win most matches.In this part of our ser...


How to Stack Creeps in Dota 2 – Full Guide

Stack creeps in Dota 2 is very important. Understanding even basic things makes the game easier and the ability to apply the knowledge gained in the game increases the chance to become a winner in every match. Let us examine one of these basic mechanics - stacks of creeps. But before that, let's talk a bit about neutral creeps. Neutral c...


1 MMR accounts | Dota 2 herald accounts for sale

While some are chasing the rating and trying with all their might to fill it up as much as possible, other players are more interested in how to lower it to the limit - up to 1 MMR. This is not so easy to do, because you need to try to play the matches systematically for a long time, and to do it so as not to receive reports, followed by ...


Dota 2 New Season | 3th Season in January 2019

Finally, the Valve officially announced the start of the new season in Dota 2!So, in January 2019 ranks medals and MMR will be reset and the new season of ranked games will begin!What does this mean?1) When new season start your rank will be TBD. Each player must be have to play 10 matches to get a new medal.2) Table of leaders will be al...


Dota 2 Ranked Calibration | Ultimate Guide

What is Dota 2 calibrationCalibration is the first step for gaining player rating. Calibration games are conducted at the beginning of each season and a level of matches that a participant can play during the season depends on their results.When Dota 2 season calibration providedNot all the players can play calibration games. In order to ...


Dota 2 - How to rank up? | Ultimate Guide

Rank up in Dota 2 - that's what all players want. In the same time, a lot of new players do not know how to increase WinRate in Dota 2.How to improve your win rate in Dota 2?We recommend:1) Use heroes that are now in the meta. During matches, try to select only those heroes that show a high win rate within the current Dota 2 patch. You...


An error occured while updating dota 2 - How to fix!

Error downloading updates "An error occurred during the update" on Steam is very common. This error is related to updates in Steam. This allows you to optimize a large number of internal processes. These innovations should help in the gameplay, but not always everything runs smoothly.HOW TO FIX?1: Go > My Computer > Steam > stea...


Dota 2 Ranked Season — MMR distribution by medals

The rank shows the skill level of the player he has achieved during the current season. The medals reached by the user are reset every six months with the end of the season. New season in Dota 2 start in December 2018.Dota 2 Ranked System:At the beginning of each season in Dota 2, you need to re-calibrate account. (10 matches) While seaso...


Dota 2: Behavior score — how to check?

Recently, many users have learned about the Dota 2 Behaviour Score, but not everyone knows what it means and how it work. Many people only know that this indicator helps determine “hidden pool” in Dota 2 - a group of users whom the system specifically identifies to the team weak players who have recently had a negative win rate or a large...



Low MMR in Dota 2 - the eternal problem of players.You think that you play better than the other players with the same rating but the system is putting you against weaker teammates and opponents? Is your rating now growing as fast as you want it to grow? Tired to carry the whole team and not get anything for it? The output is simpler than...


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